English for companies

Our courses for adults in companies or organizations are designed in line with their needs.

English Key® is a Mexican institution with 16 years' experience in the teaching of the Eenglish language aimed to the success of your business or organization through different course options for your human resources.

Quality of our courses

  • Academic courses and programmes are designed and adapted for the different labour areas of your company or organization.
  • Professors trained in international methodology and hold proficiency certifications of the English language and are experienced in company classes, which allow them to conduct appropriate activities to handle groups of adults.
  • In class, modern techniques are used with innovative resources to facilitate the learning process.
  • Books and materials used in class are from recognized publishers internationally and are used by other institutions worldwide and for a large variety of occupational areas: businesses, marketing, legal, trading, etc.
  • Courses are scheduled in accordance with your request, on the day, time and place of your choosing.
  • A placement test is administered at your company location or at our facility in accordance with needs.
  • International Tests are administered as required: Cambridge, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc.
  • There are follow-up reports on academic progress in addition to level audits to support the personnel recruitment and selection areas

Our commitment

To promote your learning by providing methodology and best quality professors.


Our courses provide you with better possibilities to continue with your studies at the main educational institutions in Mexico or abroad. You can validate your progress in the proficiency of the English language by sitting Cambridge Certification Tests.

University of Cambridge Certifications are permanently valid, with a curricular value. Certifications are considered international standards of proficiency levels of the English language. They are recognised by higher education institutions, professional and governmental organizations, and companies worldwide.

In this area, English Key® is the best place to learn English, because you will earn international certification.

Our added values

A wide range of educational services with the highest quality standards.

Well-structured courses

With our teaching system, we guarantee depth of learning and speed as required

Friendly learning system

Modern teaching methodology, with the best supporting materials

Experienced and qualified teachers

Personnel certified by the best universities and organisations

Other courses we offer

for children

Ages 4 to 10 years

for young learners

Ages 11 to 15 years

for adults

Ages 16 years and older


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