Special courses

Special courses

English Key® is a Mexican institution with 16 years' experience in the teaching of the English language aimed to teachers' growth and academic and professional recognition. English Key® offers you the best courses and services in the area.

Our training and specialization courses for teachers are recognized in the area which is a requirement for work at different educational institutions, from pre-school up to intermediate and higher education.

These courses are registered with the Secretaria of Public Education, code number RTCP20081415 and courses are as follows:

This course is focused on translation methods from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.

It is mainly aimed to language students and professional translators with a wide knowledge of both languages.

The Art of translating is not the same as knowing how to use a good dictionary; it is about conveying ideas and the original meaning by using all the resources of the language, it is a hard task that requires knowledge, practice and experience given its delicate nature.

This course makes a large variety of literature and technical advice available to students that along with constant practice and analysis allow them to develop the necessary skills for a good translation.

This course also includes a variety of exercises focused on each topic providing unending opportunities for the practice of the difficult and many a time complicated task of translating.

Topic index

  • 1.- Small translation texts
  • 2.- Long translation texts
  • 3.- Literary translation
  • 4.- Technical translation
  • 5.- Specialized translation
  • 6.- Medical, financial and business
  • 7.- LEGAL translation preparation for the ILEC: International Legal English Certificate

Practice of the four language skills is included: reading, writing, listening comprehension and speaking. This module is equivalent to 40% of the course with an optional certification -with high curricular value and international recognition- from the University of Cambridge.

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting course

This course is for individuals who would like to get involved in handling the language by means of Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting as a work tool through the knowledge of the following topics:


  • Interpretation: Definition and Modalities
  • Relevance in the world of Interpretation of: “The Nuremberg Trials”
  • Interpreter’s Deontology
  • First-glance text interpretation (“Sight Translation”)
  • Practice and feedback


  • Escort Interpreter
  • Interpreter’s presentation
  • Educating your Customer
  • Shadowing
  • Practice and feedback
  • Whispering or Chuchotage Interpreting
  • Practice and feedback


  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Theory
  • Courses, Conferences, Meetings, Interviews, etc.
  • Tips and exercises for the Consecutive Interpreter
  • Practice and feedback


  • Community Interpreting
  • Definition and Concept
  • Community Interpreting in Mexico and abroad
  • The European Union and Interpreting
  • Introduction to Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Tips and exercises for the Simultaneous Interpreter


  • Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Practice and feedback
  • Booth practice and feedback


  • Court Interpreting
  • Tips and exercises for the Court Interpreter
  • Differences in the U.S.A.
  • Differences in Mexico
  • Practice and feedback
  • Booth practice and feedback

Course participants will practice among themselves and guests of different sectors will be invited for booth practice; the audience will be comprised by course participants who will take turns as Interpreters to perform in a real situation as much as possible.

This course is intended to any person with or without experience who needs to learn vocabulary, structures and the necessary language handling skills for proper development of his roles in the business area as he prepares presentations, takes part in board meetings or work meetings, directs tasks to his subordinates, writes documents, has telephone conversations, etc.

At the end of the course and as satisfactory approval is obtained, participants will get a Certificate -with curricular value- from English Key®..

This is a preparation course providing constant practice and a technique is learned on the dynamics and the format of the exam. All the candidate's skills are constantly evaluated and progress is measured. If you have any questions on your level, we suggest that you sit the placement test to find what your score, strengths & weaknesses are to better reinforce your preparation course.

The placement test lasts 2 hours and costs $120.00; an appointment in advance is required on the day of your choice.

Important: find out what the required score is at your university.

Business course aimed to all those people with or without experience that need to acquire the vocabulary, structures and language skills necessary for the proper performance of its duties in the area of their business to preparing representations, function in meetings or workshops, delegate functions to subordinates, writing documents, making phone calls, etc..

At the end of the course and satisfactory approval, you will get a certificate of English Key®, with curricular value.

This course is designed for medicine students, medical doctors, nurses and personnel involved in the medical area.

The syllabus is designed to include reading, listening and speaking practice using medical terms, lecture development, essays, and interpretation of different situations.

It includes a medical terms glossary for an effective communication, and involves patient-doctor, colleague-doctor listening practice.

An intermediate 6 level is necessary to enroll this course, which is to be found by sitting a placement test.

Groups open with 4 candidates. Times and dates in accordance to needs.

    • English for the hotel industry
    • Spanish as a foreign language

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