Consultancy services for schools

English Key® as a specialist in the teaching, specialization and certification of the English language offers your institution the following:

  • Audit exams administered to students and the teaching staff including both level and diagnostic for certification at different levels
  • Academic consultancy services
  • Teacher training and certification

These exams have been designed with the purpose of providing your Institution with objective and necessary information on the knowledge and proficiency of the four skills of the English language: speaking, reading, writing and listening; it is administered both to teachers and students and with the purpose of selecting and recruiting personnel.

Certification diagnostic exams are also offered that, according to results, may suggest when the different Cambridge, TOEFL or DTES Certifications are offered based on a skills schedule; in addition, the necessary recommendations are made in accordance with results to find what the short-, medium- and long-term expectations are.

There are several assessment criteria in the market; however, parameters differ from each other, for this reason our Institution, as a certifying centre, follows this outline as it is highly objective and candidates are deeply evaluated and given international recognition.

These services comprise academic support to English-teaching institutions. Consultancy services include:

  • 1.- Needs detection & analysis
  • 2.- Evaluations are made through sampling or administered to people generally
  • 3.- Class observation and feedback
  • 4.- Syllabus and textbook analysis
  • 5.- Diagnosis, forecast and working schedule at established dates
  • 6.- Results
  • 7.- Follow-up visits

A wide range of seminars, workshops and training courses are offered to teachers, fit to needs.

Some suggested topics involve:

  • 1.- Attitude and motivation
  • 2.- Communicative activities
  • 3.- Language attitude and personality
  • 4.- Methodologies of all times
  • 5.- Preparing your students for external examinations
  • 6.- Realistic attitude towards students' errors
  • 7.- Students' needs analysis
  • 8.- Remedial grammar for teachers: number of hours according to needs
  • 9.- Testing
  • 10.- Syllabus, programme and textbook assessment
  • 11.- Reading
  • 12.- Listening
  • 13.- Writing
  • 14.- Communicative skills development
  • 15.- Graded readers
  • 16.- Interaction and dynamics in the classroom
  • 17.- Making the most of textbooks
  • 18.- How to improve classroom atmosphere
  • 19.- Managing your class
  • 20.- Narrative / story-telling
  • 21.- Grammar in specific situations
  • 22.- Pronunciation problems
  • 23.- Teaching English with video
  • 24.- Teaching in specific situations
  • 25.- Using authentic material in the classroom
  • 26.- Using literature in the classroom
  • 27.- Using music in the classroom
  • 28.- Using puppets in the classroom
  • 29.- Using realia in the classroom
  • 30.- Vocabulary development
  • 31.- Conversation classes
  • 32.- Learner training


Our teachers involved in this type of services are fully experienced in handling coordination and/or management areas, which endorses our professional service management.

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