Teacher training

Our Training and Specialization courses for Teachers are recognized in the area, which is a requirement to work for the different educational institutions, from pre-school up to intermediate and higher education.

These courses are registered with the Secretariat of Public Education, code number RTCP20081415 and courses are as follows:

This course is for teachers who teach children 5 to 10 years of age. By applying specific teaching methods, practical ideas, techniques and skills focused both to theoretical and practical teaching the teacher may arouse students' curiosity, energy and involvement in the teaching-learning process.

Candidates in this course must have an advance 4 level in every skill, show the necessary confidence for the development of their communicative activities and distinguish specific details in handling the language both spoken and written, be flexible regarding the production and use of different textbooks, didactic material and supplement them.

This is a program for teacher candidates who wish to teach at the kindergarten and primary levels.

This is a practical-theoretical course aimed at persons who wish to start their training as teachers of English from the basic to the intermediate levels both to children, youths and adults.

The TTC considers the most updated teaching techniques supported by videos and didactic materials, observation of actual classes given by experienced teachers at the Institute and language teaching practice time.

Participants must show that they have an advanced English level (equivalent to 450 hours of study), by sitting a written and oral test.

Students who have approved the course practice, written texts and final practice satisfactorily will obtain their TTC Certificate.

What is TKT?

TKT is a teaching knowledge test.

TKT evaluates knowledge in the teaching of English as a Foreign Language and is focused in the knowledge any teacher of English should have.

It is an accessible test designed in accordance with international standards.

Who is TKT for?

TKT may be sat at different stages during the development of a teacher of English.

It is adapted for teachers of children, youths or adults in basic, intermediate or higher education and it is also ideal for persons interested in teaching English who have not begun yet.

In order to sit the TKT, teachers ought to have a minimum level of English equivalent to PET (Preliminary English Test) or B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe. It is not a requirement that candidates sit an English test previously neither are there specific requirements to sit the TKT; nonetheless, it is important that candidates are acquainted with the language and the basic concepts related with the teaching of English.

Candidates may take a preparation course to sit this test or prepare on their own.

The TKT comprises three modules that may be sat at the same time or in separate as candidates may wish. Each module includes 80 questions and it lasts 80 minutes.

  • Module 1
    Language and background to language learning and teaching
  • Module 2
    Planning lessons and use of resources for language teaching
  • Module 3
    Managing the teaching and learning process

There already are specialization modules:

  • CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning
  • KAL - Knowledge About Language

The objective of this course is to give teachers enough practice with the items of grammar that their students will need to be explained.

There are 30 hours in the course. The content of the course is the grammar items of advanced students. It is necessary that participants supplement the topics with readings and listening activities each session. The tutor will correct and model the grammar used by the teacher in each reading and listening session being presented.

  • 1.- Problem Tenses
  • 2.- Passives
  • 3.- Modal Verbs
  • 4.- Subjunctives & Unreal Past
  • 5.- Conditionals
  • 6.- Linking Clauses
  • 7.- Adjectives & Adverbs
  • 8.- Nouns & Articles
  • 9.- Determiners & Pronouns
  • 10.- Noun Clauses
  • 11.- Relative Clauses
  • 12.- Emphasis
  • 13.- Reported Speech
  • 14.- Verbs
  • 15.- Revision

Preparation Course for English Teachers’ Professionalization Process

The purpose of this course is to provide guidance to candidates who have obtained self-taught knowledge or knowledge through work experience on the valid specific norms aimed to obtain terminal knowledge certification similar to higher education levels on the teaching of English.

90-class-hour program divided into the following modules:

Module 1.- Features, stages and procedures.

  • Candidates and requirements
  • Professionalization options
  • Procedures and stages with governmental offices
  • English language linguistic competence process (CENNI)

Module 2.- Preparation course for teacher’s competence certification (CENEVAL).

  • Origin and concepts of the English language
  • Teaching and learning methodology
  • Students’ characteristics and types
  • Teaching strategies and activities
  • Resources, materials and educational technologies
  • Teaching and learning assessment
  • Lesson planning
  • Research techniques, types and approaches
  • Mock interview and written test (CENEVAL)

Module 3.- Evidence portfolio

  • Features and contents
  • Planning and preparing a sample lesson
  • Planning and preparing the written paper
  • Reviewing and conclusions of the evidence portfolio

Entrance requirements:

  • Over 30 years of age
  • High-school Diploma
  • Teacher’s training course
  • Certificate of Birth
  • CURP (Single Population and Registration Code)
  • Valid official ID Card
  • CENNI 14 Certification or any of the following certifications for the CENNI issuance procedure: CAE ©, CPE ©, IELTS (6.5), IBT (110)

  • Our professors have different methodology and proficiency international certifications on the English language allowing them to handle training and specialization groups for Teachers.
  • Modern techniques are applied in class in pursuance with international methodology principles and standards, with innovative resources to facilitate your learning.
  • Books and materials used in class, which are also employed by other institutions worldwide, are from internationally recognised publishers.

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